A Harvard study that began almost 80 years ago shares the secrets of a long and happy life!

It is very rare to see a human study last this long and collect so much amazing data.

When the study started, the researchers interviewed 268 Harvard sophomores in 1938 without any idea where the study would go or who the participants would become.

Some of the subjects went on to be leaders in business, industry, and even one president of the United States!

(Watch the video to find out which one)

The study was later expanded to include a group of economically underprivileged young men from the inner city of Boston who lived in Depression-era tenements without running water. Today, the study also includes the wives and children of many of the original participants, now numbering into thousands of people over multiple decades.

What have they found?

It isn’t cholesterol levels, wealth, or fame that helps to identify who will live the longest, happiest, and healthiest lives. Although determining a single cause for longevity and quality of life wasn’t even an imagined outcome for the original researchers, the current leaders of the study have found that the people who reported and appeared to experience the most satisfaction with their relationships and friendships at age 50 were healthier than their less-satisfied counterparts at 80.

Sadly, on an average day, one in five Americans report feeling lonely – and this fascinating study shows that isolation leads to less happy, less heathy lives in which people lose their brain function more quickly and die earlier.

But there is a solution!

We all feel the importance of interpersonal connection in our hearts, and this study gives us solid data that a vital key to unlocking fulfillment in life is our ability to create social connections with family, friends, and community. If we truly want to live happier, healthier, and longer lives, we need to find ways to replace screen time with quality time. This is about having warm, close, in-person relationships, relationships in which both parties feel that they can really count on one another. Living in high-conflict relationships has been shown to be negatively impact our health, but good relationships can protect our bodies and our brains.

When we retire, we should strive to replace work relationships with new friends. And we should seek to volunteer, join new groups, and continue to participate in the communities we build at all stages of life. When we live lives filled with people who can count on us, and whom we can count on in return, we immediately make the world better.

Since it is one of my major life goals to build healthy relationships with as many people as possible, both on stage and off, this study delights me!

Over 9 million people have watched the recent TED talk associated with this study. If you haven’t, give it a listen!

Then go out and have a moment of genuine connection with a co-worker, family member, or friend today, and let them know that they can count on you!
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Your friend,

Paul Draper


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“Yet, taught by time, my heart has learned to glow for other’s good, and melt at other’s woe.”
– Homer

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