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Team Building & Keynote

Paul Draper is an experienced expert in corporate culture and change management and he is ready to work with your group to achieve measurable results.
Who better than an anthropologist to talk about corporate culture?
Who better than a Las Vegas entertainer to keep your team engaged while doing it!
Discover how managers, sales teams, and personnel are already using the Anthropology Office tools in the workplace — and beyond.

Paul Draper works with leaders all across the nation including recent performances, lectures and presentations of his research at Apple Headquarters, Yale University, and some of the top 100 hospitals in the nation.

Train your leaders with the very latest in the science of human capital management. Experience the most natural way to lead through change and empower your people to succeed in the world of today.


“Paul has been a wonderful, positive impact for our organization, and his training sessions have received the highest ratings ever by our managers.”

– Roger Chen: Vice President of Organizational Transformation, Lee Memorial Health System

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Entertainment to Education Ratio

When groups bring me in for keynote presentations, workshops, or shows, I always ask how they would like me to focus my time in the presentation. It can be 100% creative entertainment, 100% academic research, or something in between customized just for the needs of the event.

100% Entertainment
80% Entertainment and 20% Education
60% Entertainment and 40% Education
40% Entertainment and 60% Education
20% Entertainment and 80% Education
100% Educational
100% Entertainment

A show that is 100% entertainment could be my theatrical Mysteries of the Mind show. 

80% Entertainment and 20% Education

A workshop that is 80% entertainment could be a class teaching everyone how to juggle with 20% of our time focused on job instruction skills.

60% Entertainment and 40% Education

A presentation that is 60% entertainment and 40% teaching is a great time for a day of training on public speaking or teamwork.

40% Entertainment and 60% Education

A class that is 40% entertainment and 60% educational content could be geared toward leadership and management.

20% Entertainment and 80% Education

A lecture that is 80% research and 20% entertainment could be filled with transferable, actionable data on patient or employee safety.

100% Educational

A keynote that is 100% research could be a keynote on neuroplasticity, neonatology, or the historical war studies of Bedouin pastoralists. 

One man show.

Hundreds of possibilities.


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