Welcome to 2016. This month lets chat about creativity, music, finger puppets, archeology, and magic!

A new creativity blog had a nice interview with me about creativity. If you already know me, you can skip the first question.

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My favorite question in the interview was #6. What Piece of Advice Would You Give to Others?

1) Continuous improvement. Always look at where you can be better. Never stop developing and growing.

2) Be in the need fulfillment business. Fulfill the needs of others as a path to your success. If you can show me a need, I can show you how you can be successful if you are passionate and enthusiastic about your journey.

3) Do things that improve the world around you and make life easier, happier, and more beautiful for others.

4) Decide on a targeted clientele who you want to create for. Choose one that is successful and has money. Find out what their needs are. Write a very targeted website, postcards, letters etc. that associate your name with their need. Show that you are an expert who is absolutely focused on their industry. Then spend 8 hours per day, 5 days per week contacting these companies and offering your services. If you do that for 3 years, you will be a success.

Android: Fingerprints

I was involved in this commercial. My first paid job as a professional hand model.


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Fun Videos & Facts

I know that Christmas is over, but I didn’t send out a December newsletter and yet still wanted to share these two fun videos. So if you haven’t taken down the decorations yet, you will enjoy these.

Holiday Magic on Hallmark. Paul Draper Chanukah & Christmas Miracles

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Christmas songs, guess what they all have in common.

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TED: Modern-Day Indiana Jones

Space Archeology: The winner of the 2016 TED One Million Dollar Prize!

This changes so much of the journey of Archeology. When I was in University, it was all about reading the oral histories, interviewing the local people, walking the terrain to find any signs of habitation, waiting for a wind or rainstorm to reveal things and then digging in tiny one foot by one foot squares until you find something. Now we can find lost civilizations from space . Wow.

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Have you ever heard the song that Harry Houdini played during his performance of his Water Torture Cell Escape? “Asleep in the Deep”

Here it is performed live (and acapella) at the Official Houdini Seance in San Fransisco, at the Brava Theater, Halloween Night of 2015.

Please share with all of your magic, music, and history fans!

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