“I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it”
– Thomas Jefferson

This month, I have two potentially life changing lists to share in the main portion of our newsletter. Feel free to write me to discuss these more. I used these as primary ideas to teach a class at the University of Utah this month on the topic of Persuasion. The two topics are “Getting Lucky” and “How to Read Minds”.

Sometimes it feels like everyone else has all of the luck. People often say that I am extremely lucky and ask how I do it. Here is a basic list of how to get lucky and get everything you want:

Seven step program on how to get everything you want:

1. Decide what you want.

2. Find those who have it or have gotten it.

3. Find out what they need.

4. Give it to them.

5. Ask them to help you get what you want.

6. Get it.

7. Repeat

This has been called many things: Win/Win, Reciprocity, Gift Economy. But you are rarely, if ever, offered an actionable 7 step program. I use this as a guidepost on my journey. I continually ask myself if I am giving back more than I receive. If not, the soil I plant my dreams in will dry up and blow away.

Five steps to being a REAL Mindreader:

Step 1: Humanity: Care authentically about the person you are reading by having compassion & empathy for them.

Step 2: Understanding: Realize people are making what they think are the best decisions for themselves given their knowledge and resources. If you judge them, you are almost always wrong. If you try to understand their perspective and decision making process, you will be right more often.

Step 3: Interest: Be honestly interested in everything and be a good listener. Only through having a very diverse knowledge base will you be able to reach deeply into the minds and thoughts of others. Without some understanding, the thoughts of others will be confusing.

Step 4: Vulnerability: Give yourself the chance to make a human connection. You have to be open and vulnerable to others in that moment of deep reading.

Step 5: Mirroring: Subtly match some of their body language and vocal patterns. Become them in your mind, and if you have followed all of the above steps, you will start to know things about others that no one else could know.

Happy Mind Reading!

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Your friend,
-Paul Draper


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“A key to success is to wake up every morning and push the stone a little bit farther in the direction of your dreams. A little and a littlegoes a long way after a while.”
-Paul Draper

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