You don’t build it for yourself. You know what people want and you build it for them.
-Walt Disney

Welcome to June’s “Mysteries of the Mind” monthly newsletter!

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.
-Albert Einstein

Customer service and building a positive corporate culture has been my primary focus this month. How can we create a culture of customer service if we don’t first create a culture of caring within our staff?

I am in preparation of the grand opening of FantasyCon in Salt Lake City this July where we are expecting tens of thousands of guests. and I am providing some of the most talented variety performers that I have met in my 11 years in Las Vegas to entertain.

Fantact Con


This month, I am also working with the leaders of the Fear Factory haunted attraction to prepare their customer service strategy for this season. Last October, they saw over 45,000 guests, and we are looking forward to an even bigger turnout in 2014.

Fear Factory


It has also been my pleasure to work with the Children’s Hospital in Ft Myers, Florida to help them with their customer experience and culture tools as they start to think about moving into their new facility.

Lee Memorial


Let me now share with you some great tools I acquired from the magic of the Walt Disney Institute:

Six Tips for Culture Building

  1. Keep it simple. Everyone must feel comfortable with the culture. Leave room for individuality and personality
  2.  Make it global. Everyone at the site, including management, must buy in.
  3.  Make it measureable. Create specific guidelines and make them a part of the performance assessment process.
  4.  Provide training and coaching. Incorporate the elements of the culture into employee training and ongoing performance coaching. Encourage peer-to-peer coaching.
  5. Solicit feedback and ideas from the team. Foster a sense of ownership and expand the pool of creative input by allowing employees to contribute to the show.
  6. Recognize and reward performance. Build employee motivation through formal and informal reward and recognition programs.

Let me know if there is anyone in your organization that I should reach out to help in the development of a positive corporate culture that leads to better customer service. I promise to add a little magic along the way!

Your friend,
-Paul Draper


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The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure
-Joseph Campbell

Full Length Demo

A client asked for an unusual demo video for a potential long running show starting this November. They wanted a 16 minute long demo.

As such, here is a “best of” version of my show. My friend Justin Carter sorted through 10 hours of footage and put together a 16-minute reel of some of his favorite effects I perform.

Paul Draper Demo

Watch here

Let me know your thoughts!

Last month I shared the musical my team made in Las Vegas in 48 hours or less for the film festival.
Now you can enjoy the Silent Film we made in Salt Lake City. One of our best yet!

Zombies, Swashbuckling, & Gangsters

The Great American Novel

Watch here

Written, cast, shot, edited, and turned in in less than 48 hours!

Want to see some of our past projects?
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48 Hour Film Project